Welcome to my personal page. Here you will find all information about me, regarding my career and where I want to go next. It all started with a new approach to finding a new job. The road is hard and jobs are not piling up like they used to.

In this context I would like to introduce You as visitor to me: Jurgen.


Where does this name come from? What does it stand for? Gezelli comes from the Dutch word: Gezellig, which means cosy. When people enjoy themselves in a group of people or just by themselves, they say: “het is gezellig” - “Its cosy”, as in I am enjoying myself. This is something that applies to me in full. I want a job where I can say: I am enjoying myself. I can mean something to others, the company, and in the same time frame I am having fun. Fun is defined in many different ways. In this case, while working, fun means that the people around you are enjoying your presents.

But back to me. Jurgen. What is it I am looking for? I am looking for a job in logistics, specifically Warehousing or Transportation. Preferably in Pharma, or automotive industry. I know a job as logistical supervisor or Logistics Manager would suite me best.

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Location: Lands End, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
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